And the 2017 3DS Brandeis Winner is…


Congratulations to the WorkAround Team winner of the 2017 3-Day Startup Challenge at the Brandeis International Business School.

The challenge was arduous, the participating teams gave everything in 72 hours of work to be the winners, but the prize was given to WorkAround.

The team, formed by the Brandeis grad students Wafaa Arbash, Shadi Sheikhsaraf, Shai Dinnar and Jennie Kelly managed to develop a value proposition and a presentation that captivated the public and the panel of judges, the latter awarding them the prize to First Place in the Challenge.

Aside from winning Amazon Gift Cards, they will automatically move to the second round of MASSCHALLENGE’s prestigious selection process.

But, what is WorkAround? WorkAround is an online platform that connects refugees with online microtasks employment opportunities with companies around the world.

Congratulations WorkAround!!

By Fernando Aguilera, @feraguileras

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